Alloura Get Cracking G10
Get Cracking with your herd improvement program!

Alloura Get Cracking is the #1 Marbling HBR Angus Bull on breedplan in Australia.

Alloura Get Cracking G10 is a proven sire with progeny in multiple herds in Australia, and highly accurate EBVs.  He is an exceptional sire, with potential to dramatically improve the marbling ability and carcase quality of Angus cattle in Australia. With an IMF EBV of 5.3, he is unique in the breed for displaying unrivalled marbling capacity, yet still retaining muscularity, a deep bodied phenotype, structural correctness and a moderate frame size.  He is a special bull indeed and we love his progeny!  He reflects what Alloura's breeding philosophy is all about!  Click on the video link to see some of his daughters.

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Video of Alloura Get Cracking:

Video of Alloura Get Cracking Progeny:

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  1. Alloura Get Cracking DGJG10
    Alloura Get Cracking DGJG10
    G10 is the #1 HBR bull in Australia for marbling (IMF). He is an impressive deep bodied bull with muscularity, structural correctness and style. G10 is an incredibly versatile bull with exceptional, high accuracy data for all markets, and suitability for joining with both heifers and cows. He is a low birth weight, high calving ease sire with outstanding carcase data (top 1%). His daughters are terrific calvers and are highly maternal. His son's stand out for performance and phenotype. An all round great sire who continues to impress.
  2. Alloura Get Up and Go DGJG19
    Alloura Get Up and Go DGJG19
    Get Up and Go is a stretchy bull with super growth. His calves stand out for their length and rapid growth. He is another Alloura bull selected in the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program and is proving a useful asset for cow joinings. He packs a punch for growth, milk and fertility. His temperament is uncompromisingly beautiful.
  3. Alloura Fourth Dimension DGJF27
    Alloura Fourth Dimension DGJF27
    Alloura Fourth Dimension is a carcase powerhouse for heifer joinings. He's a trait leader for calving ease direct and daughters as well as for intramuscular fat (marbling). You can rest easy during calving time with this sire (or even take a holiday!). Fourth Dimension is a compact bull with incredible muscularity. His progeny are thick and deep bodied, displaying positive fat cover and beautiful skin. He's a unique individual - some say, the lowest mature cow weight, true carcase bull ever to exist!
  4. Alloura Lock Stock & Barrel L94
    Alloura Lock Stock & Barrel L94
    Alloura Lock Stock & Barrel is the complete package with an outcross pedigree. He is a true curve bender with super calving ease (top 5%), super growth (top 5%) and super carcase attributes, placing him in the top 5% for all $ indexes. And there's more: he's also very structurally correct and has great eye appeal. This young bull is in the 2017 cohort of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program and is one to watch! We can't wait to see his progeny. With flashy data and good looks to boot, this bull has it all... lock stock and barrel!