Stock for Sale
  1. Every year we sell between 70-80 bulls - generally as 2-year olds. Because we focus on calving ease we always have a good run of low-birthweight bulls plus a range of other bulls with higher growth profiles. No matter whether you are looking for a bull for heifers or cows, we are likely to have a run of bulls suited to your production system. We usually have a draft of bulls available for private sale throughout the year. Just call us! Most of our bulls are sold at our annual spring open days which are held in mid September each year. The 2017 open days were held on 15 - 16 September.
  2. Every year we sell some stud cows and stud heifers - usually PTIC and sometimes with some great quality calves at foot. If you are looking for some quality cattle to commence or add to a breeding operation or if you are seeking specific pedigrees or EBVs please let us know your requirements and, if we have the cattle, we are sure we can work out a good deal!

February 2018 Update:

We still have two-year old bulls available for sale right now, priced between $3000 - $4000 + GST.

 All bulls are vet checked, up to date with all vaccinations and guaranteed suitable for breeding.  All bulls are breedplan performance recorded, independently structurally assessed and ready to work!  Call or email us today!

We expect to be selling a line of PTIC cows and heifers in April 2018.  Call or email us for more information.