Stock for Sale
  1. Every year we sell between 70-80 bulls - generally as 2-year olds. Because we focus on calving ease we always have a good run of low-birthweight bulls plus a range of other bulls with higher growth profiles. Our cattle have superior carcase attributes, with a focus on higher marbling and better eating quality. No matter whether you are looking for a bull for heifers or cows, and which market you are targeting, we are likely to have a run of bulls suited to your production system. We always have a draft of bulls available for private sale throughout the year. See the list below or just call us for more detailed information! We are happy to arrange a time for you to inspect the bulls any time! Just call us!
  2. Every year we sell some stud cows and stud heifers - usually PTIC and sometimes with some great quality calves at foot. If you are looking for some quality cattle to commence or add to a breeding operation or if you are seeking specific pedigrees or EBVs please let us know your requirements and, if we have the cattle, we are sure we can work out a good deal!

Alloura Bulls For Private Sale

Value for Money

Genetics that Add Up!

Every year we offer a draft of bulls which include a good proportion with lower than breed average birth weight and better than breed average calving ease.  Our bulls have superior carcase genetics and we always offer a number of bulls with marbling data in the top few % of the breed.

The bulls are:

- Registered and Breedplan recorded for all traits

- Structurally asssessed by Beef Xcel (Liam Cardile - LRC Livestock)

- Vet checked - guaranteed reproductively fit for breeding

- Vibriosis vaccinated

- Tested PI (Bovine Pestivirus Carrier state) free

The bulls have: 

- Balanced data to meet a range of production objectives - with a focus on calving ease, competitive growth, excellent carcase traits and quiet temperament.  The sale bulls' average EBVs sum it up: high calving ease, lower than breed average birth weight, higher than breed average growth, outstanding carcase traits and competitive dollar indexes.

- Genomic Test data for 22 traits (including traits related to calving, growth, reproduction, carcase and efficiency)

The Alloura bulls are prepared for commercial conditions. This means that the bulls are in good working condition - not too fat and lazy, and less prone to injury - and at this stage of their development you can see the difference in genetic merit.  It is a real case of what you see is what you get!

Sale bull sires include a range of Australian and international AI Sires as well as Alloura's outstanding back up bulls including  Alloura Get Cracking G10.

The bulls are sold by private treaty (fixed price/no auction).  They are competitively priced.  The 2018 Alloura bulls are priced in a range from $3000 to $6000 + GST, with most bulls priced in the middle of the range. 

The bulls always represent excellent value for money: high genetic value and reasonable prices.

Bulls For Sale Now

September 2018  Sale Bulls

We currently have bulls for sale!

All bulls are stud registered, breedplan recorded, vet checked, structurally assessed, quiet and ready to work!

The sale bulls have been bred to suit a range of production systems and include both high calving ease bulls suitable for heifers and high performing, high growth and high carcase value bulls.

Have a look at the list below to see some of the bulls on offer now.
Alloura Monarch
Alloura Monarch has the phenotype of Angus royalty and offers truly rural performance.  He is an exceptionally versatile son of Sterita Park Black Jack with $ indexes in the top 5% of the breed for all markets.  Alloura Monarch has high calving ease (top 15%) yet still offers top of the breed growth potential with EBVs in the top 5% for 200, 400 and 600-day growth.  He also has high fertility, especially for daughters with a DTC EBV in the top 10% of the breed.  M52 offers a royal package of performance, pedigree and phenotype.  Alloura Monarch has it all!
Alloura Marshall
Alloura Marshall is another chart-topping calving ease bull from the Alloura team, with top 1% calving ease and birthweight EBVs.  He is also a marbling great with top 10% IMF and top 5% EMA.  Alloura Marshall is a versatile bull with striking good looks.  We have him in the marshalling area and he's ready for onforwarding to you!
Alloura Morgan
Alloura Morgan is unstoppable with a crowd pleasing combination of top 1% calving ease and lowest 1% birthweight as well as superior carcase attributes.  He's another bull with top 5% IMF and genetics that will deliver beef with better taste, tenderness and eating quality.
Alloura Maxim
DGJ M166
The truth about Alloura Maxim is that he will deliver superior genetics for calving ease, female fertility and carcase quality.  He has calving ease, birthweight and DTC EBVs in the top 10% of the breed.  Alloura Maxim also has exceptional carcase quality genetics with high EMA and top 1% IMF.  He will deliver genetics that will produce superior beef with better taste, tenderness and eating quality.  Alloura Maxim M166 is a great proposition for genetic excellence!
Alloura Longitude
DGJ L192
Alloura Longitude is a larger framed son of the marbling super sire Alloura Get Cracking G10.  Like father, like son: Alloura Longitude is also a marbling great with an IMF EBV in the top 1% of the breed and a very high heavy grain index.  If you are seeking superior genetics to produce beef with exceptional eating quality, Alloura Longitude has the goods.  Alloura Longitude is a versatile bull with positive calving ease, high fertility and balanced EBVs to suit any of the key Australian and international markets.  He also has exceptional structure.  Wherever you are on the map, Alloura Longitude has you covered!
Alloura Line of Fire
DGJ L112
Alloura Line of Fire is a Te Mania Gaskin son with his sire's trademark carcase quality.  With IMF in the top 20%, Alloura L112 will fire up your herd's carcase attributes.  Line of Fire is an exceptionally structurally correct bull (almost straight 5's) with length and a large frame.  No need to dodge this one! 
Alloura Landslide
Alloura L35 will deliver a landslide victory for your herd.  He is a long framed son of the high accuracy US sire Werner Westward 357. Landslide is another bull from the Alloura team with superior carcase attributes who will deliver genetics to produce better, tastier beef. 
Alloura Link (He's the Hero)
DGJ L162
Alloura L162 is a versatile bull with a lot to offer.  He's a solf, easy muscling and deep bodied bull with plenty of thickness.  He is highly fertile and would suit breeders looking to improve herd fertility and milk.  Alloura Link is a very structurally sound bull with a quiet and easy to manage temperament.  Could he be the one?