Meet The Team: Alloura Herd Sires
The Alloura herd sire team have the genetics to lead the way to better performance and better beef!
  1. Get Cracking
    Get Cracking
    Alloura DGJ G10 Elite Marbling Sire Elite CE and Maternal Sire
  2. Lock Stock & Barrel
    Lock Stock & Barrel
    Alloura DGJ L94 2017 Angus Sire Benchmarking Program Sire Elite CE, Growth and Carcase Sire
  3. No Limit
    No Limit
    Alloura DGJ L45 Elite CE, Growth, Fertility and Marbling Sire
  4. Liquidity
    Alloura DGJ L138 Elite CE and Marbling Sire
Alloura Get Cracking
Get Cracking with your herd improvement program!  Alloura Get Cracking is a genuine game changer for marbling!

Alloura Lock Stock & Barrel

 One of the 2017 Angus Sire Benchmarking Program bulls, Alloura L94 has it all: lock, stock & barrel! A calving ease super sire, Alloura L94 is a growth powerhouse with outstanding carcase merit to boot!
Alloura Liquidity
An outstanding son of Alloura Get Cracking, Alloura Liquidity is the next generation! Like his sire, he has top of the breed calving ease (top 1%) and marbling (top 1%) and is a solid all-round performer!

Alloura No Limit

Check out the depth of data on this Alloura Sire: there really is no limit on this one! Top 3% for all $ indexes demonstrating versatility for all markets.  No limit is a prime example of what Alloura does best: super carcase quality with top 5% EMA and IMF but no downside for growth, calving ease or fertility.  There really is no limit to the breeding advantages here!