Alloura Angus Stud
We are breeders of registered black Angus cattle. We specialise in genetics that deliver calving ease and superior carcase quality - plus lots of extras!
 Located at Yass NSW and Emita, Flinders Island, Tasmania, Alloura Angus Stud is home to hard working registered Angus cows and great bulls.  We love breeding Angus cattle and we aim to produce the best genetics  at prices that reflect great value for money.  

Our focus is on growing  predictable reliable genetics that work in commercial conditions and which make our clients money.    We produce functional, structurally sound cattle with high calving ease and the best carcase quality we can deliver.  We focus on genetics that offer superior marbling because we believe that the success of any beef production system relies on an end product with exceptional eating quality.  ​ Our elite semen sires (and many of our females) are at the top few percent of the breed for intramuscular fat ( IMF)/Marbling. 

We  established Alloura Angus Stud in 2000 with the purchase of some grand old dames and since then have used artificial insemination to improve genetic performance in the directions we believe will benefit the industry and our clients in the long run.  We utilise independent assessors, collect all available performance data, participate in benchmarking trials and undertake genomic testing to ensure that we produce genetics with the highest possible accuaracy in all data, scoring and testing.

If you love your cattle  and you want to improve your genetics and bottom line then talk to us today!
Our Breeding Philosophy
Our cattle are bred under commercial conditions: off grass, with minimal supplementary feeding.  All Alloura cattle are rigorously assessed for structure, type and productive capacity.  Our breeding philosophy starts with the fundamentals of good structure, quiet temperament, fertility and calving ease.  We breed bulls with superior marbling and productive merit to meet all of the key domestic and export markets for Australian Angus cattle.  We aim to produce bulls with EBV packages to allow buyers to select bulls with data to best suit their end market as well as their cow herd and managment system - whether they choose to focus on growth, maternal attributes or superior carcase performance (without compromising the basics!).

We utilise independent assessors to ensure that only the best females are retained in our breeding herd and only the best bulls are offered for sale.